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Connecting your energy and asset infrastructure with real-time intelligence

We offer multi-site enterprises an iterative approach to gas, water and electricity energy performance monitoring. Supporting you with data collection, monitoring and analysis, and advising on next steps for optimisation, overcoming challenges or taking substantial strides towards net zero goals.

We are a Gold Partner for energy insights solutions in the United Kingdom, MENA and UAE

A better way to support your energy journey

Businesses across the globe are striving to meet net zero targets, but without a solid understanding of how they’re using energy across their sites, it’s impossible to make utilisation decisions that truly move the needle. Multi-site enterprises face unique challenges.

They must collect, standardise and analyse data from a plethora of industrial assets, from PLC and BMS systems to CNC machines and HVAC systems. Yet, diverse legacy setups make migrating this data to the cloud and contextualising it across sites difficult.

As the Gold Partner for Centrica’s energy insights solutions in the United Kingdom, UAE and MENA, we provide the visibility you need to analyse your assets’ behaviour across numerous devices and sites.

Our services provide the transparency you need

Your goal is to increase your energy efficiency across your estate. But the top-level datasets you get from energy providers don’t drill down deep enough to reveal where efficiencies can be made. You can see which sites use the most energy and where costs are highest, but it’s impossible to make informed decisions based on non-contextualised data.

Data Collection

Collect real-time water, gas, heat, air and temperature data from assets and equipment using self-powered and non-intrusive Panoramic Power™ wireless sensors. We use PAN-10/12/14 wireless sensors for monitoring individual circuits and devices and the PAN-42 Power Meter for main power monitoring, submetering and large devices.

Data Monitoring

Collected data is delivered in real-time to the Panoramic Power™ Gen 4+ Bridge, which directs all intelligence to our energy management platform PowerRadar™ via the cloud. The cloud-based technology adheres to strict security and privacy standards to keep your network and critical assets safe.


PowerRadar™’s powerful yet simple dashboard provides an overview of your site usage profile so you can monitor your overall usage at a glance. The analytics platform provides the flexibility to view, manage and report on your energy from anywhere whilst maintaining confidence that your data is safe.

Bringing you complete visibility of performance


Energy analytics and management platform


Connect hardware to any device to obtain highly accurate, device-level data from sites across your estate.


Get the data needed to make better decisions with a unique set-up based on your requirements. Review energy usage at a site, department and device level.


Your data is automatically normalised to provide an accurate picture of energy usage patterns across your sites and avoid disparate conditions skewing your results.


Legacy BMS and Smart Meters typically rely on data processed in 24-hour periods, leading to delays between data collection and availability. Our system uses real-time data, which is collected and processed immediately as events occur.

Talk to our experts and find out how A.E.P Global can help you to improve your energy efficiency.

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Solutions for all industries

A.E.P Global is your partner in getting a handle on your energy usage and accomplishing your net zero goals.

Heavy Industry & Manufacturing
Avoid bottlenecks and minimise production downtime by identifying inefficient machinery.

Commercial Property & Retail
Standardise operations and support sustainability with estate-wide energy usage visibility.

Work towards net zero targets and deliver efficient patient care with real-time energy data.

Leisure & Sports
Improve venue efficiency and validate ‘eco’ status with visibility of consumption patterns.

Airports & Transportation
Take action on improving operational effectiveness with energy data gathered by AMRs.

Hotels & Hospitality
Making smart changes informed by in-depth energy usage analysis.

PFS/Convenience Stores
Improve sustainability and streamline operations with in-depth energy usage analysis.

University & Learning Campus
Optimise consumption, reduce costs and drive sustainable campus initiatives.

“I highly recommend Assured Energy Performance Global (AEP Global) for their exceptional service in helping me achieve net-zero energy goals. They quickly installed the equipment and efficiently deployed their solutions, providing me with a comprehensive vision of my site’s energy performance by the end of the day. Their expertise, responsiveness, and commitment to sustainability make them an invaluable partner in the journey towards a sustainable and net-zero future.”

Paul Hanna, SSP
Head of Projects UK, IRE & Netherlands

Understanding energy analytics