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Tools to understand your energy use

Backed by Centrica, we combine innovative hardware and reactive software to highlight where efficiencies can be made across your organisation’s infrastructure.


Snap-on power monitoring sensors cover any current range and wire size, as well as monitor loads using other power measurements. Data is automatically sent to the cloud-based energy management platform for us to review. Sensors are self-powered, so they don’t require maintenance.

Intuitive Dashboard

Understand your energy performance for any site in seconds with a bird’s-eye view of your energy profile, accessible on desktop or mobile.

In-depth, Dynamic Reports

Control exactly what data you want to see and interrogate with customised energy reports. You can overlay key metrics for any time period and intervals to answer pressing questions, customise your reports and set alarms.


Set custom alarm limits and get immediately alerted in the event of power outages, higher-than-expected loads and phase imbalances.

Overcoming your energy challenges

The self-powered sensors used in the system rely on cable power induction instead of batteries, they are also wireless. The sensors transmit energy usage data to a data collector, which then sends the data to the cloud using a cellular network. The data collected is accessed and analysed in PowerRadarTM through a web browser or mobile application. Your data is available within minutes of deploying the sensors without the need for complex integration or a Wi-Fi network. With PowerRadarTM, users can easily identify and gain insight into specific power usage.

Gain visibility on energy issues before they become problems

Reduce downtime with early failure detection and predictive maintenance notifications. With alerts sent directly to your device, you can act quickly to fix issues before they become problems.

Create a robust plan that meets your business needs

Holistically review your collected data to accurately plan and budget for infrastructure upgrades, put energy policies in place and create a strategy for working towards energy reduction targets.

We evolve with your energy strategy

Up and running in no time (55secs)

Insights with actionable intelligence (39secs)

Complete visibility in real time (1:36secs)


Do you how much you spend on energy across all your locations?

Do you have a process for conducting energy audits and identifying opportunities for efficiencies to be made?
To help you determine the right approach for your business, review your current strategy against some of the key components of our effective energy management.


PAN-42 was tested by a 3rd party lab for 1% accuracy according to ANSI C12.1 class 1. This accuracy is sufficient for many billing-level applications, such as M&V and sub-metering.


AEP provides daily alerts to usage outside of set parameters and weekly, monthly and annual reporting of energy usage by store.


Using real-time data (based on operating hours, turnover, sqm, brand type and weather) we can produce exception reports and alerts to reveal over-usage, allowing management to take action.

The AEP global difference