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Heavy Industry & Manufacturing

Keep production lines up and running by monitoring equipment efficiency and informing proactive maintenance with in-depth energy usage analysis.

Identify waste on inefficient production lines
Be notified of potential failures before they become critical issues
• Understand how electricity, gas and water are being consumed

An iterative approach to energy performance

With hundreds of devices, machines and systems, as well as multiple sites, departments and production lines to manage, identifying inefficiencies and energy-saving opportunities can be challenging for heavy industry and manufacturing businesses. With the support of PowerRadar, we offer a flexible and fully scalable way to access device-level energy insights, helping industry leaders monitor their energy use in real-time, pinpointing wastage and detecting underperforming equipment before it shuts down production.

Reduce downtime

Keep production up and running with early failure detection, supporting proactive maintenance.

Prepare for the future

Detect peaks in energy use caused by degradation and inform budgeting for machinery replacements and infrastructure upgrades.

Monitor all sites in one place

Get an overview of how efficient your equipment, devices, machines, sites, departments and production lines are.

Reduce costs

Identify inefficiencies and energy-saving opportunities with access to high-quality, relevant and contextualised energy data.

Create improvement plans

Put plans for improving energy efficiency into motion with a granular view of energy, water and gas usage.

Full-time monitoring

Identify trends with around-the-clock energy monitoring that tracks time of use and seasonal load demands.

Our team's deep understanding of energy sets us apart

Our iterative approach to energy performance helps clients transform streams of up-to-the-second energy data into contextualised, digestible and actionable business insights. Backed by Centrica, we combine innovative hardware and reactive software to highlight where efficiencies can be made across organisations’ infrastructure.

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Providing complete visibility for energy intelligence

Deep understanding of energy and infrastructure

Our work is informed by 25+ years of experience in energy and asset performance, HVAC/R and smart facility technologies.

Experience in engineering, commercial
infrastructure and analytics

We are experienced in leveraging real-time intelligence to pinpoint performance, cost and productivity optimations.

Access to top-class analysts

Our engineers and data analysts have vast experience helping businesses across industries understand their energy usage.

Adherence to security standards

We prioritise privacy above all, ensuring our solutions meet all necessary international standards and data security requirements.

We are proud of our partnership with Centrica and the steps we’ve taken to drive innovation in the energy management sector, delivering new product solutions that provide improved experiences for our clients.

Operational Case Studies

PowerRader puts the best quality data in customers’ hands.

Reducing energy consumption with in-depth insights

This building materials manufacturer sought to reduce its energy consumption and improve efficiency across hundreds of sites.

Challenge: This manufacturer of building materials sought to reduce its massive energy consumption and improve efficiency across hundreds of production facilities, quarries, distribution centres and marine terminals. Their industrial-scale plants and equipment were consuming large quantities of electricity, and any inefficiencies or energy wastage, when applied throughout its operations, would result in significant financial and production drawbacks.

Solution: After installing wireless, self-powered sensors across hundreds of essential machines, including pumps, conveyors, and crushers, the customer got access to live data transformed into real-time insights by PowerRadar®. Deep analysis of the sensor data delivered through reports revealed bottlenecks caused by an aggregate conveyor motor, allowing immediate repairs to be made.

Result: Significant annual savings achieved through reduced waste, revealed required repairs, better-organised maintenance programmes and improvements to operational efficiency made.


Limiting production downtime with granular data analysis

This producer of car parts sought to minimise downtime caused by equipment failure and improve efficiency across its plant.

Challenge: This producer of car parts sought to minimise downtime caused by equipment failure and improve efficiency across its plant. Breakdowns and issues across the plant were resulting in downtime, bottlenecks and lost profits. It was looking for the right information to help its teams move from reactive firefighting to proactive maintenance.

Solution: Using wireless, self-powered sensors to monitor a range of essential equipment, including Thermolators, the customer got access to live data that predicted equipment failure 18 months in advance, allowing for proactive maintenance. In-app alarms were created to ensure teams worked within set parameters and could instantly respond to abnormalities.

Result: Significant annual savings achieved through reduced waste, higher production rates, reduced maintenance costs, reduced downtime and less machine wear and tear.


Seven simple steps to better energy analysis

Always delivering the best quality data to our customers

01. We get to know you

Following initial contact, we arrange an introductory meeting in which we evaluate your business challenges and unique set-up.

02. Platform demo

We host a face-to-face or virtual meeting to discuss your needs in greater detail and showcase the platform’s functionality.

03. Site visit

We conduct a site visit to understand your requirements and current systems.

04. Proposal

We draw up a proposal based on your unique requirements and estate. This outlines expected costs, timelines and our plan for deployment.

05. Installation & deployment

We can install dozens of sensors within minutes. As our sensors are wirelessly connected, the implementation process is non-invasive, so there is limited to no downtime during installation.

06. Live on the same day site data

You get access to high-resolution data the same day as deployment completion. A 10-second sampling rate allows for a detailed analysis of load behaviour and precise setting of alarm limits.

07. Ongoing support

Whether you require our support on a temporary basis or are looking for ongoing consultancy, we’re here to help. We guide you through the optimisation process with monthly report meetings and are on hand to offer technical advice.

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